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Major Oscar Changes, 7500 Reviews And An In-Depth Vast Of Night Interview

The Vast of Night

There is so much news to cover this week on ReelBlend, we hardly know where to begin. Things have been a little quiet over the past few weeks, as we patiently await new movies. But a string of release date changes and a massive Oscar rules change got the show rolling this week.

And things got a little heated.

First, the changes. Tenet moved back, but only by two weeks. Not too bad, especially when major theater chains like AMC and Regal revealed plans to reopen locations as of July 15 (Or earlier). After Tenet moved, Wonder Woman 1984 moved…. by several months. You can now look for it on October 2. Damn.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg with regards to date shifts, so press play on the episode and give it a listen.

We then get to the Oscar debate. The ceremony moved itself back to April, and the Academy announced changes to the qualification period, meaning movies that come out in January and February will be eligible. Jake thinks that’s terrible. Kevin thinks it makes sense. They talk it out. Sort of. You’ll hear.

This week’s interview is a great one. Having blown away by the 1950s sci-fi throwback The Vast of Night, we invited director Andrew Patterson on to discuss his process, and got fascinating insights.

The Blend game was dedicated to Judd Apatow this week. And in the reviews section, we broke down Joseph Gordon Levitt’s 7500 and Kevin Bacon’s new You Should Have Left. By the way, did you listen to our bonus episode with Left director David Koepp? It’s a good one!

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