How Marvel Will Approach Its Phase Four And Beyond, According To Kevin Feige
Marvel Studios basically created this problem for themselves. Every time they prepare to unveil a new movie, fans (and fanboy journalists) turn their collective attentions to the future, wondering what's to come.
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Black Panther Has Added A Ready Player One Actor, But In What Role?
The cast of Marvel's Black Panther is already one of the most impressive in recent memory. However, if you thought they were done, you'd be wrong.
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Why It Was Important To Include Wakanda In Captain America: Civil War, According To Kevin Feige
Here's why it was important to include Black Panther's home country, Wakanda, in Captain America: Civil War, according to Kevin Feige.
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Black Panther Just Added Forest Whitaker, Here's What We Know
The Black Panther movie has been accumulating some talented actors, and today, that cast grew even more impressive with the addition of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Forest Whitaker.
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Black Panther Has Found Its Second Villain
This past summer at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Creed star Michael B. Jordan would appear in Black Panther as Erik Killmonger, one of the hero's oldest adversaries. However, now there's word that a second villain has been added to the mix.
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Incredible Marvel Video Shows How VFX Brought Black Panther To Life In Civil War
Visual effects have become an absolutely staggering art form. It's amazing how much of what we see on the big screen can be created, or simply enhanced, thanks to computers. A new video shows us just how much of Black Panther was never really there.
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Why Black Panther’s Ring May Become More Important In His Upcoming Movie
T'Challa gained his father's ring upon T'Chaka's death, and while the ring is many symbolic of his new status as king, it's possible Black Panther will give it more importance.
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Why Black Panther's Costume Was Kind Of A Nightmare
Civil War's directors recently opened up regarding the problems associated with Black Panther's costume, and how they got around those problems while shooting.
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Why It's Taken So Long To Diversify The MCU, According To One Writer
While the MCU is pretty great, it lacked diversity during Phases One and Two. Now one Marvel writer has revealed why it took so long to feature women and people of color.
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8 Awesome-Sounding Marvel Movies That Almost Happened
Even some of the best ideas never actually materialize. Check out our list of the eight coolest Marvel movies that almost happened, but sadly didn't.
How Deep Black Panther's Origin Story Will Go, According To Chadwick Boseman
With Black Panther only a couple of years away, the story still has time to form up and eventually take its final shape. However, that doesn't mean that Chadwick Boseman can't tease the forthcoming film, and tease it he did in a recent interview.
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Why The Black Panther Movie Is Important For The Film World, According To Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman, has elaborated on the influence that movies like Black Panther may have on Hollywood as a whole.
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Where Black Panther Will Draw Inspiration For Wakanda, According To The Writer
In Phase 3 of the MCU, Black Panther will introduce us to an all new setting in Wakanda, the most technologically advanced nation in the world. Find out what real nations the writer is using as inspiration for T'Challa's home turf.
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What Makes Black Panther Different From Other Marvel Movies, According To Ryan Coogler
Ryan Coogler recently opened regarding what will make Black Panther so different from its preceding MCU entries.
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What Black Panther Will Be About, According To Lupita Nyong'o
During San Diego Comic-Con, we received a lot of news regarding Marvel's upcoming Black Panther. We learned who all the major players will be. Now, one of them has given us some details on exactly what it is they'll all be doing.
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Who Michael B. Jordan And Lupita Nyong'o Are Actually Playing In Black Panther
We were already excited when we learned that Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong'o had joined the cast of Marvel's Black Panther. Now that we know who the two will be playing, things are only getting bigger.
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The Black Panther Movie Just Added A Walking Dead Badass
In Captain America: Civil War we were introduced to a brand new character who stole the show. Black Panther's time to shine as the star is getting closer and after we had already thought the cast was as star studded as it could be now they've added yet another major name.
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Will Winter Soldier Appear In Black Panther? Here's What Sebastian Stan Says
Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Bucky Barnes’ next appearance in the MCU hasn’t been revealed yet, but here’s what Sebastian Stan has to say about his character possibly showing up in Black Panther.
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What Black Panther Almost Looked Like In Captain America: Civil War
While many comic book characters have achieved iconic status, their transition to the big screen is not as simple as copying and pasting a look from the page to the screen. As such, characters go through a significant design process when it comes to creating their look.
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Hero Blend #92: Our Hopes For The Future Of Black Panther
Captain America: Civil War helped get us excited for all of the Marvel films that are set to come out in the next four years – but Black Panther has certainly piqued our interest more than most.

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