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Curse Of Chucky Red Band Trailer Unleashes Some Gore

Completely bypassing the last two films, Curse of Chucky takes place after the events of Child’s Play 3, and follows two sisters (Danielle Bisutti and Brad’s daughter Fiona Dourif) who are trying to get their family affairs in order after their mother commits suicide. Chucky arrives in the mail with a personal score to settle, and people start dropping like plastic mass-produced flies.

Curse Of Chucky Trailer Has The Murderous Doll Back On The Loose

Written and directed by Don Mancini, who is credited as the creator of Chucky, the new film centers on a young woman named Nica (Fiona Dourif, daughter of star Brad Dourif) who is emotionally hit hard when her mother commits suicide. Her older sister Barb comes to town with her family so that they can sort our their mother's affairs, and with their arrival comes a mysterious package in the mail containing a creepy red-headed doll named Chucky.

First Look At Chucky's Makeover For Curse Of Chucky

Brad Dourif will return to voice Chucky once more. It's his daughter Fiona who stars as Nica, a young woman grieving the death of her mother when a tiny terror enters her home. As Nica and her pushy sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) handle their mother's affairs, Barb's daughter soothes herself with a strange doll that mysteriously arrived in the mail.

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