Fifty Shades Darker Virtual Reality Wants To Put Audiences In Certain Scenes
A Fifty Shades of Grey VR experience? Your weird aunt and her friends are about to have their dreams come true.
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The Fifty Shades Darker Trailer Is Hot And Steamy, Watch It Now
The other days, Universal teased fans with a quick snippet of footage for Fifty Shades Darker, the anticipated follow up to the smash hit based on E.L. James' bestselling novel.
Fifty Shades Darker Teases Us With An Intriguing Trailer Teaser
Last year, the book sensation Fifty Shades of Grey made a huge impact when it landed at the box office on Valentine's Day weekend - and it was clear immediately that we would soon be seeing development of a sequel.
Will Jamie Dornan Go Full Frontal In The Fifty Shades Sequels? Here's His Answer
"A lack of nudity" is one complaint that wasn't leveled at Fifty Shades of Grey when the adaptation of the best-selling novel made its way to theaters last year. By the time the credits rolled, I felt fairly confident that I'd seen parts of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan that tend to be reserved for lovers, or doctors.
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When The Fifty Shades Sequels Will Continue Filming After The France Terror Attack
The Fifty Shades of Grey sequels wrapped filming in Nice hours before a truck drove through Bastille Day celebrations. Everyone on the cast and crew is safe, and now we know when the sequels will resume filming.
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Two Movies Tied For Worst Picture At The Razzies
The Razzies had a difficult choice to make this year and they jsut couldn't decide whether Fantastic Four or Fifty Shades Of Grey was the worst film of the year, so they split the big prize between the two.
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How Much Nudity Fifty Shades Darker Needs To Have, According To Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson went from near unknown to near household name after starring in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey while the movie was eviscerated by critics, it was embraced by fans (embraced and then tied to the bed).
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The Only Thing Worse Than Watching Your Mom Film Sex Scenes, According To Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson is a young, up and coming actress with performing in her blood. She’s the daughter of actors so it's no surprise that the young girl who grew up around acting eventually wanted to be become part of the profession herself. What is surprising is how much she saw growing up.
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The Razzies: These Are The Worst Movies Of 2015
hile there’s always still competition for the major awards to recognize the best movies of the year, there’s also the other set of awards. The Razzies exist to recognize the worst achievements in filmmaking.
The Top 10 Pirated Movies Of 2015
In the internet age, piracy has become a significant part of the movie industry, with studios and different organizations regularly trying to find ways to stop the spread of illegal copies of feature films. As much effort as there’s been, however, still just about every major blockbuster finds itself being downloaded millions upon millions of times.
Of Course The Red-Band 50 Shades Of Black Trailer Is Filthy And NSFW
The spoof movie is a time-honored tradition in the movie business. You can be sure that any time a movie becomes a cultural phenomenon that that the parody movie won’t be far behind.
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The 5 Biggest WTF Movie Nominations From The 2016 Golden Globes
These are the five best “WTF?” nominations from this year’s Golden Globes awards. And “WTF” doesn’t mean negative. It can also mean, “What the fuck, that’s awesome!” Starting with…
Top 5 Nude Scenes Of 2015, According To Mr. Skin
End of the year fever has gripped the film community, and Mr. Skin has their contribution to the throng of accolades in their list of the top 5 nude scene on film. After the jump, see if your favorite made the list.
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The Creepy Complaint A Fifty Shades Of Grey Viewer Made To Dakota Johnson
Star Dakota Johnson has heard her fair share of complaints about Fifty Shades of Grey, but one she recently encountered was both creepy and a bit unexpected.
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How Charlie Hunnam Feels About Dropping Out Of Fifty Shades Of Grey
Charlie Hunnam has opened up about his departure from Fifty Shades Of Grey, admitting that he wasn't mentally or emotionally prepared to star in the erotic drama.
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How Dakota Johnson Feels About Losing Fifty Shades Of Grey's Director
A big part of the delay of Fifty Shades Darker is because they had to replace director Sam Taylor-Johnson, which they recently did with James Foley, and star Dakota Johnson has some definite feelings on the matter.
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Jurassic World, Furious 7 And Minions Help Universal Break An Amazing Box-Office Record
You know you're having a good year when you're making as much money in eight months that competitors took 12 months to earn - and that's the story of Universal Pictures in 2015.
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Universal Is Having The Biggest Year In The History Of The Film Industry
It looks like the champagne corks are popping over at Universal. It’s ok, they can totally afford it. While it seems that movie studios set box office records every year (ticket inflation will do that) this one is a little different.
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Why Movies Need More Penises, According To Kevin Bacon
Footloose and The Following star Kevin Bacon has something he'd like to show you, and it's his penis.
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This Brutal Video Outlines Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Of Grey
If you're the world's biggest fan of Fifty Shades Of Grey, you probably shouldn't click on this link. That's because the following video is going to tear your favorite movie to shreds.
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