Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence’s Passengers Hit A Major Social Media Milestone
As the hype for Passengers continues to mount, the upcoming sci-fi love story just achieved a major social media milestone. Get the details!
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Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence's Passengers Trailer Is Mysterious And Fascinating, Watch It Now
After years of waiting, Passengers is finally entering our atmosphere, and we've got the trailer to prove it. Prepare to be blown away by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's spectacular space journey, inside.
9 Hugely Anticipated Upcoming Movies That Need To Show Us A Trailer
The fall season is a great time to be a movie-lover. Not only is it the period of the year that we get to see the studios whip out all of their big award contenders, filling cinemas with awesome films, but it's also the stretch when we get to start really look ahead at all the big titles that are set for release in the first half of next year.
21 Upcoming Movies That Will Help Us Forget The Dismal Summer Movie Season
Summer 2016 wasn't the best when it came to blockbuster fare at the box office. However, this list of 21 films that are coming up throughout the rest of the year make us think they were truly saving the best for last. Rejoice, and flip through our survival guide, inside.
Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Make Space Travel Beautiful In First Passengers Photo
The first official photo from Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's sci-fi adventure, Passengers, has finally hit the web.
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8 Upcoming Movies That Will Save 2016 From Being A Disaster
If 2016's movie market has been a disappointment to you and yours as of yet, don't fear! The rest of the year has plenty of surprises and sure-fire hits in store, and we've got a list of 8 to keep an eye one!
16 Huge Movies We Still Have To Look Forward To In 2016
As we hit a modest lull in summertime entertainment, now is the perfect time for the reminder that there is plenty of great stuff arriving in the months ahead.
Passengers Footage Delivers Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Greatness At CinemaCon
Given that Passengers won’t be out until December 21st, and that that a lot of the visual effects were far from done, it will probably be a little while before Sony releases any footage from the movie – but I’m telling you now that you need to start getting excited for this one (if you weren’t already).
10 Upcoming Movies That Could Be Surprise Box Office Hits
With 2016's film offerings off to a solid start, there are those films that seem destined to pull the upset and rake in more money than most would expect. Check out our pack of 10 hopefuls, and see what could be the next sleeper hit!
The 2017 Academy Awards, Predicted Today
While the 2016 Oscars are now in the history books, the 2017 Oscars are a blank page waiting to be written. As such, we're happy to start penciling in some early favorites, as you'll see in our list for what may be the who's who at Oscar's 89th birthday.
15 Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies We're Dying To See
Science fiction gave the world two of the biggest movies of all time in 2015, and 2016 is poised to be another big year for the genre. So here are the upcoming sci-fi movies, big and small, that we're most excited for
15 Non-Sequels You Should Actually Be Excited About In 2016
Not everything at the movies this year is going to be a follow-up to a movie that came out at least two years ago. Read on to see what new blood is coming to the multiplex in 2016, and why you should be excited!
How Jennifer Lawrence Prepared For Her Sex Scene With Chris Pratt
Jennifer Lawrence got really, really drunk before her sex scene with Chris Pratt in Passengers. And it was partly Anna Faris' fault.
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26 Huge Movies That Are Coming Out In 2016
We are weeks away from closing the books on 2015, and while there are still numerous blockbusters preparing to drop between now and New Year's Day -- from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to The Revenant and The Hateful Eight -- we're not ashamed to admit that we're jumping the gun a tad and starting to look forward to the sheer number of eye-popping features that are going to entertain us in 2016.
How Kissing Chris Pratt Was, According To Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence has never been shy about saying exactly what's on her mind, and now she revealed what it's like to make out with Chris Pratt. Hint: It's not like kissing a family member.
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Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt's Passengers Adding Another Stellar Co-Star
With two big names like Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt leading the way, sci-fi romance Passengers already has a lot of eyes on it, but they're putting together a stellar supporting cast as well.
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Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Are Definitely Making A Movie Together
What do you get when you put Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in a movie together — besides an epic salary dispute? Something called Passengers, a big-budget sci-fi romance.
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Jennifer Lawrence And Sony Are Having Serious Problems Over Her Salary
Jennifer Lawrence is a hot commodity. If studios want her in their movies, they’re going to have to drop some serious moolah. But that’s not sitting right with everyone.
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Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt May Co-Star In This Epic Space Drama, Get The Details
Two new Passengers are set to board the long delayed Sci Fi drama, and they're pretty big deals. Read on, and leave your finest Katniss/Star Lord couples' nicknames in the comments!
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Rachel McAdams Drops Out Of Passengers, Filming Delayed Indefinitely
Rachel McAdams has bowed out of the film, leading The Weinstein Company to withdraw their financial support on the film and subsequently remove the release date off the schedule entirely.
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