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Why Diane Keaton Hadn’t Watched The Godfather In 30 Years

Diane Keaton's reason for not watching The Godfather for over 30 years is fascinating.

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How You Can Watch The Godfather Reunion Streaming

Movies fans in the know may already have learned that the Tribeca Film Festival will be hosting a very special panel this year. Here's how you can watch from home.

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Nerdland Fails To Get The Best Out Of Paul Rudd And Patton Oswalt

Nerdland wants to be a crude and edgy R-rated animated comedy. It's just a shame that it's neither, and, most importantly, really not funny at all.

10 Tribeca Film Festival Movies You're Going To Hear A Lot About

The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival begins this week. But which films are set to make a splash at the event? Well, click inside to find out.

The Disgusting Reason A Movie Theater Had To Renovate After Showing Snow White

Brad Bird revealed that a disgusting clean-up job that was required after screenings of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs back in 1937. But why?

An Unleashed Jason Sudeikis Steals The Hilarious Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping With Other People is the perfect Jason Sudeikis vehicle, and is an early contender for rom-com of the year.

Somehow, Arnold Schwarzenegger Fighting Zombies In Maggie Is Underwhelming

Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting zombies should be a cinematic utopia, but instead it's frustratingly lifeless.

The Wolfpack Emotionally Reminds You Of The Power Of Movies

The Wolfpack tells the story of seven brothers who used their love of film to help them through their lives stuck in a Manhattan apartment, and it could be the best documentary of 2015.

Adam Scott's The Overnight May Be 2015's Most Shocking Comedy

The Overnight takes a shocking and outrageous look at taboo aspects that cinema usually ignores

Michael Fassbender Is Great In Slow West, Like Boba Fett Meets John Wayne

Michael Fassbender enhances his reputation even further with his sensational turn in the poetic Slow West.

First Live From New York! Trailer Promises Rare SNL Surprises

The late-night sketch comedy series started by Lorne Michaels is celebrating its 40th anniversary year, and the festivities keep on coming, with new documentary is set to debut. Watch the first Live From New York! trailer and see all the surprises that are coming our way.

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11 Tribeca Film Festival Movies You're Going To Hear A Lot About

As we set out to cover the festival, which starts on the night of April 15 with a screening of Live From New York!, there are a lot of titles we're eager to see.

Tribeca: Courteney Cox Owes The World An Apology For Her Directorial Debut Just Before I Go

I resented the 95-minutes of my life I was giving to this garbage, and Cox for thinking it was worth showing the world at all.

From LEGOs to Zombeavers: A Tribeca Film Fest Trailer Round Up

From midnight movies to directorial debuts, intriguing indies to challenging foreign films, there's loads to choose from at Tribeca. So to help you get some idea of just what's in store for this vibrant film festival, we've collected a selection of trailers and from its lauded line-up. Take a look, and get your tickets while you can!

Watch Jerry Lewis Slay The Crowd With A Dirty Joke At The Tribeca Film Festival's Closing Night

The Tribeca FIlm Festival wrapped up a week ago, but we're still kicking ourselves for missing out on the big closing night event-- a special screening of Scorsese's The King of Comedy, with DeNiro, Lewis and Scorsese all on hand to talk about the 1982 cult classic. Jerry Lewis was an icon of comedy by the time the film was made, but these days he's basically a legend

Operation Kino 111: Apologizing For Armageddon And Falling Back In Love With Tribeca

This week we are shocked and horrified to learn that Michael Bay apologized on behalf of Armageddon, and aim to set the record straight on its greatness. Katey talks about her experience at the Indie Grits Film Festival, David is feeling more optimistic than ever about the Tribeca Film Festival, and we ask for your help in supporting our friend Ed Douglas in his fight against cancer

Tribeca Film Festival: Oxyana Heartbreakingly Scratches The Surface Of An Invisible Epidemic

Prescription drug abuse isn't as attention-grabbing as bath salts, and not as glamorized as meth, but as the documentary Oxyana movingly depicts, it's just got as much power to destroy. Taking its title from the nickname acquired by Oceana, West Virgina, Oxyana is a portrait of modern rural American life as completely transformed by drugs, in this case a legal prescription painkiller that has paralyzed an entire generation

Tribeca Film Festival Review: Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me Is A Deeply Funny Delight

Whether you know and adore Elaine Stritch for her decades-long Broadway career, her distinctively boozy and brassy singing style, or her wickedly winsome guest appearances as Jack Donaghy's mom Colleen on 30 Rock, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me is an absolute joy.

Tribeca Film Festival Review: Michael H - Profession: Director Will Thrill Haneke Die Hards

The film's most telling moments were when Haneke confesses that he channels his own fears and anxieties into his work, which is sometimes autobiographically inspired, as a form of therapeutic catharsis, and when he admits, "In cinema, the viewer is always the director's victim."

Tribeca Film Festival: Jean Dujardin's Thriller Mobius Is Sexy, Never Thrilling

As its plot progressed I was able only to follow its broadest strokes. Ultimately, not even the smoking hot sexual chemistry of its leads (Jean Dujardin and Cécile De France) could save this confounding thriller.

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