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Did Prince Harry Really Go Way Out Of The Way To Get Meghan Markle To Pippa's Wedding Reception?

Some reports say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a road trip before Pippa Middleton's wedding, but new reports suggest otherwise. Find out the latest here.

5 Fast Things To Know About Pippa Middleton's Wedding

Pippa Middleton and James Mathews are headed down the aisle. Here is what we know.

Man Who Snuck Onto Kylie Jenner's Property Just Confessed To Murder

Wow, it sounds like Kylie Jenner should beef up security. Find out why here.

Blake Lively Let Her Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Co-Star Drink Her Breastmilk

Blake Lively and this particular Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star are close--like, super duper close.

Does Jimmy Fallon Have A Drinking Problem? Here's What He Says

A few months back, there were rumors Jimmy Fallon had a drinking problem, tied to injuries he received. He's now spoken out.

Why Paris Jackson Decided To Step Into The Limelight

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, is ready to take her rightful throne as Hollywood's new It Girl, and her reasons are refreshing.

Soundgarden Lead Singer Chris Cornell Dead At 52

The beloved lead singer passed away in Detroit, following a performance by the reunited Soundgarden.

One Thing Princess Kate Is Worried About With Pippa Middleton's Wedding

Find out what allegedly has Kate Middleton concerned days before her sister's wedding.

Why Miley Cyrus Will Never Live Down Her Wrecking Ball Video

Miley Cyrus once came in like a wrecking ball to demolish her old image, but can she ever repair the damage? Find out what she thinks here.

How Dwayne The Rock Johnson Would Do As A Presidential Candidate

Should Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson consider a "fast and furious" race to the White House? Here is what the numbers say.

The Insane Amount Of Money Kylie Jenner Is Paying In Rent For Her Mansion

Cha-ching! Kylie Jenner is dropping some serious cash to rent a fabulous estate.

Delta Is Working On Facial Recognition Software To Help Make Flying Easier

Smile! You're on camera. Delta Airlines plans to unveil facial recognition technology this year.

Why You Don't Know Kylie Jenner, Even If You Think You Do

We don't have to know Kylie Jenner to find her interesting, and that is a good thing because she's now saying we don't know her at all.

Jim Parsons Has Finally Married His Partner Of 14 Years

Need a smile today? The Big Band Theory star Jim Parsons and his partner have tied the knot!

Paris Jackson Loves Being Naked, And She's Not Afraid To Show It

Paris Jackson knows there are no wardrobe malfunctions when you don't wear clothes.

Watch North West Scream At Members Of The Paparazzi

North West has had it with the pictures. Check out the toddler's temper tantrum.

Caitlyn Jenner Explains Why She Hasn't Talked To Kim Kardashian In A Long Time

Have Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian cut all ties? Find out here.

J.K. Rowling Is Pleading With Fans Not To Buy Handwritten Harry Potter Story That Was Stolen

J.K. Rowling's handwritten Harry Potter tale is at the center of a story worthy of its own crime novel. Find out the latest here.

Kylie Jenner Dressed Like Barbie, And Pink Is So Her Color

Wow, Kylie Jenner is a Ken and Skipper away from being a real-life Barbie doll!

Ryan Seacrest Just Took His Relationship To The Next Level

Ryan Seacrest and his sweetheart "moved" to the next step, which is just lovely.

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