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Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Rumor has it Kylie Jenner is getting ready to bring new life into her Life of Kylie world.

Demi Lovato Responded To The Haters Mad She Hasn't Shared Her Sexuality

If you think the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer apologized for what she did or did not say, you'd better think again.

Dozens Of Dildos Have Washed Up On An Italian Beach

Volunteers probing the beach for trash found new meaning in their task with this big surprise.

Why Fergie And Josh Duhamel Decided To Announce Their Split

It has only been a week since Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced their split, but Fergie is already talking about what happened.

Ariel Winter Just Went On An Epic Rant About Her Wardrobe Choices

Haters say Ariel Winter changed her image with racy clothing to get attention, but according to the Modern Family actress, that simply is not the case.

Products That Now Come In Pumpkin Flavor But Possibly Shouldn't

The Pumpkin Spice craze has people wondering "What will they think of next?" Well, here is some of what "they" thought of.

The Woman In The Kevin Hart Extortion Video Has Spoken Out

It takes two to Tango, so Kevin Hart is not the only person this scandal affects. Now the woman in the alleged recording wants to make a few things clear.

Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Have Split After 10 Years

It is not the first time Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have split up, but it does sound like it will be the last time.

Jada Pinkett Smith Says She's Not A Scientologist, Despite What Leah Remini Says

Jada Pinkett Smith wants everyone, including Leah Remini, to know exactly where she stands when it comes to studying world religions.

Jay-Z And Kanye West Reportedly Meeting After Lengthy Feud

With millions of dollars and a years-long friendship at stake, Jay-Z and Kanye West might be ready to make amends.

How Much Rob Kardashian Will Have To Pay In Child Support

It looks like Rob Kardashian will be sending some checks with big numbers on them to his ex-fiancée. Find out what Blac Chyna gets.

The Woman In The Kevin Hart Extortion Video Apparently Wants Money To Take A Lie Detector Test

Well, this certainly is one way for the woman in the blackmail video to prove she isn't extorting Kevin Hart.

Chris Pratt Has Finally Spoken Out About Anna Faris After Split

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's marriage is ending, but he finally seems willing to talk about his ex.

Kate Walsh Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor 2 Years Ago

Kate Walsh has played a doctor on television for years, but in 2015, real-life doctors saved her life after she received this shocking diagnosis.

Alexander Skarsgard Has A Mustache Now, And People Have Thoughts

Alexander Skarsgård earned praise and won big at the 2017 Emmy Awards. His mustache, on the other hand, received some mixed reviews.

Kevin Hart Posts A Public Apology After Reported Extortion Attempt

While comedian Kevin Hart makes hurricane relief efforts, a storm of controversy has been brewing behind the scenes.

Fergie And Josh Duhamel Have Split, And He's Taken Off His Wedding Ring

It looks like Fergie and Josh Duhamel are ready to get a move on with their lives now that their split has become public. Get the details.

What Happened When Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk In Budapest

Jennifer Lawrence got particularly rowdy one boozy night after work in Budapest. Here is her side of the story.

One Surprise That Came With Having Kids, According To George Clooney

George Clooney is working double duty as a busy Hollywood dad, and it sounds like he is ready for a nap. Get the details.

Why One Direction's Zayn Malik Isn't Surprised He No Longer Talks To Harry Styles

Both Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have found solo success after One Direction, but don't expect any friendly collaborations. Malik says they no longer talk, and here's why.

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