2 Voicemails Jerry Sandusky Allegedly Left For Victim Made Public

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Over the course of their investigation, authorities found a slew of voicemails convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky left for his victims, but until now, none of those recordings have been made public. The law firm of Ross Feller Casey, who represent victims 2, 3, 7 and 10, published two of the recordings supposedly featuring Sandusky on its website today, and given what we know, they’re enough to turn any sensible person’s stomach.

Both messages were allegedly left for victim 2. In the first, the man who sounds exactly like Sandusky tells the intended to “just go forward” and be “firm” because “there is really nothing to hide”. In the second, he invites the victim to attend the Penn State football game on Saturday. Both recordings also include creepy “I love you’s”. You can listen to them here.

Ross Feller Casey has already publically announced it will sue Penn State for what happened to its clients. Given the school has already admitted four of its senior employees knowingly covered up evidence of Sandusky’s crimes and allowed him to continue hunting children, the only real question is how much money each victim will ultimately get. It’ll be a gigantic figure, but since Penn State has plenty of money, it shouldn’t wind up bankrupting the school.

Look for more of these voicemails to go public over the next few weeks, and for all of us to feel utter disgust when listening to each of them.
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