Apple hit a huge milestone on Wednesday when the company reached its 25 billionth iTunes song sold. Launched a little less than a decade ago, the download service will officially turn ten in April and continues to get more and more popular.

Apple’s iTunes now sells 21.6 million songs every day and an average of 15,000 songs every minute. If those numbers aren’t impressive enough, the iTunes store currently has a catalogue of over 26 million songs, with very few artist holdouts. Since it’s a one-stop shop for downloaders, it’s no surprise that the service continues to grow, with $3.7 billion made during the last quarter, with users of the service coming from different countries and social demographics, as well as possessing completely different musical tastes.

All of these hot Apple facts are nice, but who was the lucky purchaser of the 25th billionth song? According to The Washington Post, Phillip Lupke, a resident of Germany was the big winner. If you were hoping the man was busy downloading some Beyonce or Rihanna, you would be very wrong. The 25th billionth song purchased was “Monkey Drums (Goskel Vancin Remix)” by Chase Buch. Because Apple is a big fan of passing out a little goodwill, Lupke has won a 10,000 euro gift card to buy some more of his favorite songs. Well, maybe closer to all of his favorite songs.

Over the next decade, iTunes’ business should continue to grow; so, expect the 50 billionth download to occur well before 2023.



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