3 Types Of Facebook Statuses I Don't Know Whether Or Not To Like

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I work on the Internet for a living. Because of that, I glance at Facebook a lot. Iím not going to get into how often right now a) because my boss might be reading and b) because itís an embarrassing amount for an adult man. Letís just agree itís enough to run into a lot of overly complicated ethical dilemmas on social media. Because of this, Iíve become pretty savvy.

I sign on, quickly fire through all the new statuses on my newsfeed, like all of the appropriate ones, laugh at all of the terrible ones and sign off. Itís all a pretty efficient process, but now and again, I come across a weird Facebook status that leaves me confused about what to do. Should I like it? Should I leave a comment? Or should I ignore? Thereís no proper protocol.

But since these exact situations keeps coming up and over and over again, I decided to start keeping track of the confusing ones. After awhile, I lumped them together into different categories. And now, Iím presenting them to the world. Youíre welcome.

Here are 3 types of Facebook statues Iím not sure whether or not to likeÖ

Someone I Know Is Dating/ Engaged/ Married To Someone I Donít Know
You know what I love? Love. I genuinely want every single person who Iím friends with on Facebook to find someone to be with, even the ones I secretly hate. So, on the one hand, my first impulse is to insta-like every single new romantic coupling. Some dude I went to high school with has a hot wife now? Like. A girl I knew in college has a new boyfriend with a weird name? Like.

But hereís the thing. A lot of people make terrible relationship decisions, and most of these couples are not going to last forever. Should I really just be liking some random relationship I donít know anything about? This random chick, hot as she might be, could be a soul-sucking monster. This dude could be a d-bag to end all d-bags. Can I really take that chance?

Final Verdict: I usually Facebook stalk the person I donít know. If they seem like a pretty good dude/ lady, Iíll throw out the like. If I find some serious red flags, I move along with my day without liking.
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