9-Year-Old Girl Mistaken For Skunk, Shot By Relative

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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A young girl is alert and talking this evening inside a Pittsburgh area hospital after one of her relatives mistakenly shot her. The nine-year-old was attending a Halloween party on Saturday night in New Sewickley, Pennsylvania when the unidentified male relative mistook her for a skunk and fired his shotgun.

According to The Beaver County Times, the girlís costume was black with a black hat and a white tassel. Combined with her height and the darkness, itís not a surprise he mistook her for a skunk, but it is a bit questionable that he fired a shotgun during a party with kids running around without making sure he wasnít aiming at a little human being.

Itís unclear whether the police will try to seek retribution by filing charges, but authorities have announced the shooter was not drinking. That should help his cause greatly, but he wonít know whether heís still behind the eight ball until all of the witnesses are interviewed.

At this point, itís unclear whether the little girl will miss out on Trick or Treating, but if she does, this relative owes her a shitload of candy. Kids only get one shot a year to load up their bags with tasty goodness, and it would be a shame if she missed out just because she happened to wear skunk colors to a Halloween party.
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