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Jamie Lynn Spears Shares A Photo And Update On Her Daughter's Progress
Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie is finally leaving the hospital and flashing a huge smile after surviving her life-threatening ATV accident.
Emma Watson Gets A Stunning ELLE UK Cover
Emma Watson is bringing both a gorgeous photoshoot and a powerful message to the pages of ELLE UK this month.
Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Her Name Change With The Perfect Cake
Khloe Kardashian had the most hilarious cake to celebrate finally dropping Odom from her last name.
Dani Mathers May Not Get Off Easy On That Body-Shaming Locker Room Photo Share
It looks like Playboy playmate Dani Mathers won't be getting any special treatment in court after posting that body-shaming photo in a gym locker room.
JK Rowling Would Rather Not Be Tagged In Tweets About Her Death… Obviously
One very enthusiastic Harry Potter fan got to wondering how the world might react to J.K. Rowling's eventual death. Though it was flattering, Rowling pointed out that it's pretty weird to be tagged in something discussing your own funeral arrangements when you're alive and well.
George Clooney And Amal Are Expecting Twins
2017 is officially the year of celebrity twins. George and his wife Amal Clooney are also reportedly expecting two bundles of joy this year!
Michael Jackson's Mother Claims She's Being Abused By Her Nephew
Katherine Jackson was granted a restraining order against her nephew after alleging him of elder abuse.
Justin Timberlake's Honest Reason For Why He Left 'NSYNC
Justin Timberlake is now a music superstar in his own right, but back in the day he was best known as part of the boy band 'NSYNC. He's finally explaining why the group disbanded.
76-Year-Old Husband Shoots Wife In Butt For Refusing Sex
One elderly man totally lost his temper when his wife refused to sleep with him.
Madonna Announces Big Adoption News With An Adorable Photo
It sounds like Madonna's family is growing by two!
Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant Or Not? Here's What's Going On
Nicki Minaj sparked some pregnancy rumors with a recent Instagram post, but is it real?
How Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Is Doing Since The Accident
After her scary, life-threatening ATV accident, Jamie Lynn Spears' eight-year-old daughter Maddie is apparently recovering well.
Lady Gaga's Awesome Response To People Trying To Body Shame Her
Lady Gaga is firing back at those who were criticizing her body during her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.
This Video Of Barack Obama Learning To Kitesurf Is The Best
Barack Obama is holding on to his coolest President ever status by kite-surfing on his vacation.
Kim Kardashian Takes A Leap In Latest Costa Rica Photo
Kim Kardashian capped off her trip to Costa Rica with an insane leap off a waterfall.
A Woman Got A Cockroach Stuck In Her Brain And It’s All On Video
Needless to say: If you don't like bugs, then you're definitely not going to want to see this.
Christie Brinkley And Her Daughters Did A Stunning Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot
After decades away, Christie Brinkley has returned to the iconic magazine cover that made her famous: the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. And she brought along her two daughters as well.
Police Confirm Details About Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter's Accident
The reports of Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter's life-threatening accident have been confirmed, and aunt Britney Spears is asking for prayers during the scary time.
Jamie Lynn Spears Daughter Was Apparently In A Serious Accident, Here's The Latest On Her Condition
It was reported earlier that Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie Aldridge was in an ATV accident. Since then, an update on her condition has been reported.
The Burning World Review: Warm Bodies Book 2 Brings R And Julie Back For A Much Bigger Story
The Burning World is a sequel book to Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies. As such, some vague spoilers from the first book are referenced in this review. If you're considering The Burning World, but haven't read Warm Bodies (or at least, seen the movie) I highly recommend you read the first book.
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