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This Stunning Cockpit Footage Will Make You Wish You Were In New Zealand image
New Zealand is stunningly beautiful. With all due respect to the acting and the story and the directing, if you took only one thing away from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, it should have been the visual brilliance of New Zealand. If thatís not where God vacations, I would be shocked.
Mack Rawden 2013-10-28
New Zealand's List Of Banned Baby Names Includes Justice, Lucifer And 4Real image
New Zealand is apparently the kind of country that spares its children the indignity of having some truly unfortunate names. Some might consider the banning of names to be an infringement on ones freedom, and that's certainly debatable. After all, why should a country prohibit a parent from giving their child the name of their choice? But what if that choice was "Mafia No Fear," "4Real" or "Anal"? Those are a few of the names that have come up on the banned list in New Zealand.
Kelly West 2013-05-01
New Zealand Post Releasing Commemorative Coins To Celebrate The Hobbit image
New Zealand is super proud to be hosting The Hobbit films, just as the country was super proud to have Peter Jacksonís Lord of the Rings films shot within the countryís boundaries. The country is not above capitalizing on the enterprises, however, and the New Zealand government will be releasing commemorative The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey coins that will feature characters from the upcoming flick.
Jessica Rawden 2012-10-10
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