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Pretty In Camo: Dad Makes His Daughter A Custom Camouflage Prom Dress image
Prom can be an expensive affair. While some parents will give their daughters hundreds or even thousands of dollars so that they can get the dress of their dreams, other parents don't want or can't afford to do that. But there are other ways a parent can help their daughter have her dream prom dress. Take David Herron for example. His daughter Mariah was having trouble finding a prom dress made of camouflage fabric within her price range, so he made her one.
Kelly West 2013-05-02
School District Shuts Down Minnesota Teen's Attempts To Take Porn Star To Prom image
Mike Stone was just your average teenager at Tartan High School in St. Paul, looking for a prom date this spring. After sending out hundreds of Tweets to porn stars looking for a prom date, one finally said yes. That yes was from 19 year-old porn star Megan Piper, who told the teen she would be happy to attend as long as transportation was covered.
Jessica Grabert 2012-03-23
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