AJ McLean And His New Wife Are Having A Baby

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Some celebrities have their publicists dispense baby news and others use an interview to surprise fans. Backstreet Boy AJ McLean and his new wife Rochelle DeAnne Karidis decided to go a more unique route today, letting the world know about the impending new addition to their family through a heartfelt YouTube clip.

The two were married in an elaborate ceremony with a gothic theme back in December in front of their friends, family and business associates. The wedding was, by all accounts, a raging success, and apparently, their activities between the sheets have been as well. Neither offered up any sort of potential due date for the child, but given itís customary to wait twelve weeks or so before going public, the conception must have happened not too long after they became Mr. and Mrs.

You can take a look at AJ and Rochelle sharing their secret belowÖ

Most newlyweds still have that hopelessly in love sheen about them in the months following the wedding, and itís nice to see McLean and Karidis seem to be no exception. Pop Blend wishes them a hearty congratulations on growing their family, and we canít wait to hear all the specifics when the couple decides to open up and release them.
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