You know how sometimes you give a teenager a gift, and they fail to show even the slightest hint of excitement? Dogs don’t have that problem. Dogs are uncontrollably plugged in and attentive to the moment at any given time. They react to even the slightest pieces of good news with the unbridled enthusiasm most of us would reserve for a lottery win or marriage proposal.

Take Tofu as an example. Rocking three legs and still amped about being recently introduced to Beggin’ Strips, her owner recorded her reaction to being given one of the tasty snacks, and it is utter chaos. She cannot inhale the treat quick enough, nor bang her good legs against the couch enough times. Take a look at the footage below…

Nothing races around the Internet faster than a good animal video. Cat people might be a bit more obsessive about watching clips, but the top end dog videos bring people out of the woodwork. In less than a day, this has attracted more than one hundred thousand views, and that total should keep growing.

Plus, even though Tofu’s owners are vegetarians, I think most of us can sympathize with getting way too excited about bacon. In fact, I made some strips to mix with the green beans yesterday, and I had a ludicrous number of sneak bites.



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