Adorable Alert: Watch This Cat Check Herself Out In The Mirror

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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You know why cat people will always be cat people and dog people will always be dog people? Because two different people could watch the same piece of footage and interpret it in completely different ways. Take this above clip for example. Iím a dog person. Therefore, what I see is just another self-absorbed cat staring at herself in the mirror and selfishly ignoring the rest of the world like a fourteen-year-old girl. If she had her own camera, God only knows how many selfies this animal would take everyday.To a cat lover, however, this clip shows just how independent and quirky felines can be, or at least those are the emotions I've been told it conveys.

Regardless, this clip is racing around the Internet like, well, like pretty much any good cat video thatís ever found its way onto YouTube. In just the last two weeks, it has already amassed well over two million views, and that number should exponentially increase within the next two weeks. After all, what cat lover wouldnít forward this along?

Hereís to hoping this owner doesnít put a mirror next to little Soxís bed. After all, sheís going to need to get some shuteye sometime, and itís not like she can do it when the other option is admiring her own appearance.
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