When it comes to aquatic or semi-aquatic animals, dolphins grab the lion’s share of the headlines at the zoo. With their coordinated routines and showoff demeanors, they’re the clear main attractions, but a case could actually be made that the seals, otters and beavers are as much or more fun. Operating with fanfare and relying on boundless energy and a prevailing sense of fun, they actually interact with individual members of the crowd far more, as one little boy recently found out at an Oregon zoo.

The interaction in question was put online back in October, and it features a little dude named Ryan having a waving contest with a beaver. Both parties are cramped up close against the glass divider, and both could seemingly wave their little hands forever. Take a look at the cuteness below…

There are few activities as a child more enjoyable than going to the zoo. It’s a great way to spend six dollars, and it’s a great way to spend quality bonding time with a parent. Luckily, it’s still pretty damn awesome as an adult too. I actually went a few months back, and not surprisingly, I spent most of my afternoon watching the semi-aquatic animals have goofy exchanges like the one pictured in this video.



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