Amateur Hour: Robin Thicke Busted While Smoking A Joint

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Iím pretty sure Robin Thicke didnít wake up this morning thinking heíd end up in jail, but thatís precisely where the songwriter and R&B artist was taken by police after some questionable decision making. The thirty-four year old was reportedly near Gramercy Park a little after noon in New York City when he and a buddy decided to fire up a joint. Unfortunately, after the prep work that goes into getting high was completed, the pair didnít think to scope out whether police were near by. The amateur mistake quickly caught up with them, and police knocked on the window of the Escalade not longer after they started blazing.

According to The New York Daily News, Thickeís buddy got off without penalty, but the singer was charged with marijuana possession. Whether that means he formally confessed to buying the weed or was hit with the accusation for owning the car isnít quite clear, but by all accounts, Thicke was compliant and even nice to the arresting officers, signing a few autographs and taking pictures with the authorities.

Thatís the upshot of getting busted for smoking marijuana in a car thatís not even moving. In the grand scheme of potential crimes you could commit, it isnít overly offensive to the law. I would imagine most cops rank it somewhere above accidentally walking out of a store with a banana and somewhere behind using the shoulder to pass people when everyoneís stopped on the highway.

Thereís no word yet on what type of fine Thicke might have to pay for his mishap or how many times his wife Paula Patton called him an idiot for not making sure police weren't around, but since nothing overly horrifying happened here, Iíd imagine this will probably be the last time Pop Blend will cover it.
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