I’m still one of those odd, increasingly bizarre people who prefers to dog ear book pages and waste perfectly good suitcase space on road trips in order to make room for literature. However, if I was the type to read on a handy dandy little device, I would certainly prefer one with a lit screen built in, a premise Apple definitely understood when the company created the multitasking iPad.

Now, Amazon.inc is playing catch-up with the company’s own e-reading device. In the past, Amazon Kindle users have had to attach a light to the Kindle in order to read in the hours after dusk All of that is probably about to change, thanks to a new Kindle model that will supposedly hit the market in July. According to Reuters the brand new version of the device will come with a front lit screen. There seem to be no downsides to being able to read during nighttime; however, there will be a trade off: more light equals less battery power.

Some other changes to the new model should include a bigger screen and probably a slightly higher cost price, due to the added changes. It all sounds pretty cool, but if I’m going to make the vast jump from new smelling texts to another screen-oriented device, Amazon at least needs to sell me on aesthetics. Would it be too much to ask for a little bit of jazzy color on body of the device?



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