People might often complain about how short amusement park rides are, but that doesn’t mean even the biggest enthusiasts wish they’d go on for hours. Earlier this week, a few dozen patrons of Southern California’s Knott’s Berry Farm found themselves in that exact position, and not surprisingly, they all hated it.

The incident in question occurred on Wednesday at around 4 PM. The Windseeker, a popular ride that rises and spins, was in mid-rotation roughly 300 feet above the ground when the security system was activated and everything came to a halt. According to CBS News it wound up taking park workers almost four hours, but eventually, they were able to figure out how to get the poor people down.

Luckily, no one involved was injured or more than a little annoyed, but future patrons will have to deal with being without the Windseeker for the time being. The ride has been closed until the powers that be can figure out what exactly went wrong, which seems like a great decision considering it left riders stranded on a completely separate occasion earlier this month too.

There’s no word on what Knott’s Berry Farm offered as an apology to the riders, but some were reportedly seen leaving with “I Survived Windseeker” shirts. If nothing else, that’s a damn good conversation starter.



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