Actress Anne Hathaway has babies on the brain. The 30-year-old has barely jumped into married life, but in an interview Hathaway gave as part of an actress roundtable, the new wife says she’s been thinking more about how fame has changed her life, because she and her husband would like to have a baby together.

Hathaway was married to her long-term boyfriend Adam Schulman on September 30. Although the nuptials were impending, the surprise timing of the ceremony caught a large segment of the media by surprise. Like all great big events, the wedding was well-planned, and it seems like Hathaway and Schulman are good about planning out their lives, too. Hathaway recently told THR she’s been thinking about fame a lot, due to her hopes about having a baby.
“I'm thinking about that because I really want to have a baby, and my husband and I are like, 'Where are we gonna live?'"

Though she’s early into her marriage and she’s still pretty young, it’s not really a surprise that Hathaway seems in the early stages of thinking about having a baby. When a person is bitten by the baby bug, it sometimes just hits that person in the pit of her stomach, and that seems to be happening to Hathaway. The critical darling has spent so much time in the limelight, taking on both tough and big budget acting roles over the last several years, and maybe it is high time she takes some time for herself and spends that time with a little tyke.



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