Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen have been going at it for a while, every since the queen of unhealthy cuisine announced she had diabetes as well as a diabetes advertising deal. Bourdain feels it is unfair since she pushed unhealthy foods for years and then hid her condition. Then, while visiting Indiana University, he was prodded by fellow speaker Eric Ripert to extrapolate out on Deen even further.

Although the jabbing has reached the press, there hasn’t really been a point when the two have had to share space. That is, until this past weekend, when each chef hosted a demonstration at the South Beach Wine & Food festival located in Florida.

Anthony Bourdain may never have gone on a tangent had it not been for another chef, Eddie Huang, who lobbed a question in Bourdain’s direction, People reports.
"Aren't you a hypocrite – smoking on your show and making fun of this nice old lady with diabetes?"

Bourdain was quick and loud with his retort, however, maintaining his status of dislike for Paula Deen, who, admittedly, has not spent the last few weeks shooting cracks at anything Bourdain has ever done.
"You're right. I did smoke cigarettes for a lot of years on my show. But I wasn't selling any motherfucking cigarettes … And when I found a spot on my motherfucking lung, I didn't wait three years so I could get a deal selling the patch."

If one thing can be said about Paula Deen, it is that she is sticking to her guns and refusing to be bullied. Not that I am lauding her personal choices. Having diabetes, hiding it, and then taking a medication deal is really poor form, and I really do hope Paula Deen squares with that at some point. However, at this point, she has made her choices. While Bourdain has the freedom to make whatever comment his wishes, the more he bitches about Deen, the less the impact. It’s all about moderation, people.



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