The bitter and ugly custody fight between Ariel Winter’s older sister Shanelle and her mother Chrystal took one giant step toward peace earlier today in the form of a surprise agreement involving the actress’ father. Glenn Workman has largely stayed out of the fray up to this point, but apparently, he decided to step up and get involved to save everyone plenty of money and mental exhaustion.

According to TMZ, the settlement calls for Ariel to continue living with older sister Shanelle and for papa Glenn to manage all of her finances until she’s eighteen. Pretty much everyone involved has accused everyone else of wanting to use poor Ariel for her money. Assumedly, everyone thinks Glenn’s motives are on the up and up because all involved are reportedly very comfortable with his involvement.

As for the actual guardianship itself, today was clearly a huge loss for Chrystal. The mother has long vowed she’d fight it out to keep looking after her daughter, but apparently, she must have seen the handwriting on the wall because she decided enough was enough. As of right now, the settlement is only temporary. In March, everyone involved will meet back in court and a judge will make the decision as to whether or not this agreement should remain in effect until Ariel turns 18.

Here’s to hoping this mess will stabilize and get quiet for awhile. Ariel deserves the right to be a teenager and not have to worry about which house she’s going to be forced to sleep in at night.



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