Ariel Winter's Sister Hasn't Asked The Court For Money

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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The slow motion implosion of Ariel Winterís family is getting more public and more upsetting by the minute. The actressí now estranged mother released several statements to the media yesterday accusing her fourteen-year-old daughter of carrying on an affair with an eighteen-year-old and accusing Arielís older sister of trying to selfishly grab at the Modern Family starís finances. The jury is still out on that first allegation, but if court records are to be believed, the second claim isnít supported by the facts.

According to TMZ, Arielís older sister Shanelle, who was herself placed in foster care almost two decades ago, filed a request with the court related to the teenage starís money, but it was only to block everyone, including herself, from having any access to the girlís money. Rather than a selfish cash grab, that sounds like the responsible decision given all of the abuse allegations going around.

The next hearing in this troubling case has been scheduled for November 20. The judge is expected to make a permanent ruling on who will be Shanelleís guardian moving forward. Her mother claims she should continue raising the girl because she needs discipline and a firm hand to keep her away from the dude sheís supposedly dating. Shanelle claims Ariel needs to be with someone who wonít mentally and physically abuse her.

Weíll keep you updated as this mess continues spiraling out of control.
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