The skirmish between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy may have dominated all post BET Hip Hop Awards talk, but when viewers sit down to watch the ceremony on October 9, they won’t even notice anything out of the ordinary. That’s because, like any good show, the event went on amidst the brief chaos, and in the end it will likely go down as merely an “unfortunate” sidebar.

At least that’s what BET is hoping. The network released a statement following the brouhaha making it clear the situation was contained, and the ship was quickly righted thanks to the efforts of the security team and the police. You can take a look at a portion of the cable channel’s official response below…
”BET Networks works very hard to bring the best in entertainment to the city of Atlanta. For the past 7 years BET has celebrated the true art form of Hip Hop. Due to some misjudgment of select attendees, it is unfortunate that certain incidents took place. BET Networks does not condone any type of violence. Local authorities are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible."

In the end, it is unfortunate. It’s not in anyone’s best interests to mar an evening designed to honor all that’s great about the Hip Hop community by displaying the violence it has been so criticized about over the years for allegedly condoning. Sometimes turning the other cheek really is the best call.

Luckily, no one involved in the altercation seems to have been injured, and to date, there haven’t been any arrests. There were, however, some great performances from the biggest stars in the game, and if nothing else, they should be reasons to tune in a little more than a week from now.



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