Former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine’s wife Laurie has filed a lawsuit in federal court against ESPN claiming the sports giant “engaged in and condoned despicable conduct” that ruined her life. The mother claims she’s been forced to live in seclusion for the past six months because of what the network repeatedly said about her. She wants an apology, a published retraction and assumedly, some financial restitution.

The allegations against Fine’s husband came out in the wake of the Penn State scandal. A special report was aired in which two former ball boys accused the coach of molesting them for more than twenty years. A third accuser later came forward, and ESPN ultimately played a tape in which Laurie confessed during a phone conversation that she’d known about the abuse for years and did nothing. Bernie was quickly fired. Unfortunately, the third accuser later admitted he made the whole thing up, and no charges have ever been filed.

According to ESPN, Laurie claims the tape was doctored and represented bits and pieces of a phone conversation edited together to make her seem guilty. The network, on the other hand, is denying it did anything wrong and is still standing by everything it reported.

Authorities have said Fine will not be charged with any misconduct against the two ball boys because the statute of limitations has run out. There’s no way of knowing if they would have moved forward had the supposed abuse occurred more recently.



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