Chad Johnson's Supposed Sex Tape Involves Multiple Women

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Chad Johnson is just the latest in a long series of celebrities to deal with a sex tape, but the former NFL star is one of the first whose supposed footage involves two separate women at once. The three-way was reportedly shot in a hotel room in Florida three years ago, but as for who leaked it, thatís still one big mystery.

According to TMZ, Johnson is telling those closest to him that the footage is real, but heís reportedly denying having anything to do with its release. In fact, heís exploring his legal options to try and have the clip yanked off the Internet before more people see his sexual exploits.

Luckily for Johnson, all that has made its way on the Internet at this point are smaller versions of a larger tape thatís allegedly very long. Because the identity of the leaker is unknown at this time, itís impossible to tell whether he or she will roll out the whole shebang at any point in the future.

Neither Johnson nor his lawyer has spoken publically on the matter, and given the subject matter, it seems unlikely either will. Itís a strange blow for a man who has spent the past decade trying to gain publicity by almost any means necessary, but regardless of his prior actions, that doesnít mean he deserves this.

Weíll keep you updated if the leakerís identity is exposed. Until then, put your own sex tapes in a safe place with a very good password.
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