Check Out The Ugliest Free Throw In College Basketball History

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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People donít expect a whole lot from centers at the foul line. If the big man in question can make roughly seven out of every ten free throws, people probably wonít complain too much about the misses, at least if they hit the rim. Unfortunately for Appalachian State reserve center Brian Okam, he not only missed the rim on a free throw attempt against Western Carolina University over the weekend, he missed the rim by at least ten feet.

Footage of the absolutely horrendous free throw made its way online over the weekend under the title ďWorst free throw everĒ, and itís been gaining views at a startling rate ever since. In just two days, it has passed three million watches, and at this point, it shows no sign of slowing down. Take a look at the awfulness belowÖ

Shockingly, not a single reporter asked Okam about the free throw after the game; so, feel free to make up your own excuse for what happened. Maybe the ball slipped. Maybe a pretty girl was bending over behind the basket. Maybe his coach tried to get his attention on the sidelines. Regardless, hereís to hoping he carves out some time during the next practice to get his shooting motion together. The only thing worse than this would be a repeat performance.
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