Check Out This Woman's Strange Combination Of Animals

By Mack Rawden 2013-06-21 11:41:02

Have you ever seen a group of people sitting together at a bar and wondered how in the hell such a strange and motley crew had ever come to a) know each other and b) become friends? Well, Erica Griffith knows that feeling well, though humorously, her motley crew isn’t filled with human beings but instead animals. Over the years, she’s brought home five rescue dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, as well as a cat and a duck, and together, they form one of the most bizarre groups you’re ever likely to see.

Because all of the animals are rescues, Erica doesn’t know for sure what their breeds or ages are, but she has been able to narrow the window considerably. From oldest to youngest, her gang includes 1) George, a one-year-old Moscovy Duck, 2) Bella, a one-and-a-half-year-old Harlequin Great Dane, 3) Dave, a three-year-old standard size Xolo, 4) Twiggy, a five-year-old cat, 5) Maya, a seven-year-old intermediate Xolo, 6) Macho, an eight-year-old toy Xolo and 7) Rex, an eleven-year-old terrier.

Not surprisingly, most people who have seen the above video have commented on the unusual array of animals, but to me, a key element is how remarkably well behaved everyone is. Apart from stealing Dave’s treat, they’re all perfect little angels. They know tricks. They sit quietly, and they seem to get along extremely well. Obviously, great diligence was taken to train each properly. I’m sure there’s the occasional in-fight, but during this video, there’s not any clear animosity, except maybe from the cat who has no real interest in participating. It’s hard to blame the owner for that though since an overwhelming majority of cats are pretty aloof.

In the right situations, weird combinations of animals can actually work very well. From a deer living with a herd of sheep to an older cat surrounded by young puppies to a dog becoming BFFs with a lion, animals are typically very good at adjusting to their environments and making the best of it. In fact, sometimes they even thrive under such circumstances. Have you ever seen a dog around a newborn baby? They’re damn near as protective as the actual mother.

Because I know you’re curious and because it’s Friday and we play it fast and loose here at the Blend, I’m gonna go ahead and stick in the dog and lion bonding video below. You're welcome.

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