Chelsea Handler Is Back Together With Andre Belasz

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago
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Chelsea Handlerís a busy lady. Between hosting her own program, taking acting gigs, and writing books, itís no surprise the L.A. woman couldnít keep up a cross country relationship with Andre Belazs, a hotel owner whose home base is New York City. Handler and Belazs have dated in the past, but both times they chose to break the relationship off. Now, it seems they might be giving the long trek to see one another a go, again.

Belazs has been spotted in the Los Angeles area throughout October and early November, spending time with the Chelsea Lately host. US Weekly is reporting the two were seen together just yesterday at a restaurant in Laguna Beach. The couple first split in November of 2011 and decided to give the relationship a second shot back in February of this year. Handler has said in the past that she and Belazs are both ďmadly in love,Ē but that the distance has proven to be the hardest thing in their relationship.
"We had dated for nine months, a long-distance relationship with all the stresses and traveling and running around. It wasn't a real life; we weren't living together."

Long distance relationships are hard. With the coupleís track record, itís difficult to believe third time will be a charm in this instance, but Handlerís gone through a slew of boyfriends in the pastóincluding rapper 50 Centóand Iím sure plenty of people are rooting for the funnywoman to settle down with someone serious. Pop Blend would like to wish the best of luck to Handler and Belazs as they give the whole distance thing a go, once more.
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