Chris Hemsworth Is A Father

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Chris Hemsworth might make his living pretending to crush people with his gigantic arms, but for the next few years, heís going to have to fight that impulse. Reckless smashing and newborns donít typically go together, at least outside of Asgard.

Speaking to USA Today, the twenty-eight-year-old actor revealed his beautiful wife Elsa Pataky gave birth to the coupleís first child on Friday. The newest addition to the Hemsworth family is a bouncing baby girl, and sheís been christened India because her parents ďlove the name and the countryĒ.

As handles of celebrity children go, India is well within the grounds of normalcy, which shouldnít really be a big surprise since the actor himself is, by all accounts, a pretty normal dude. He grew up in a family with three boys and has long admitted his mother did her damndest to instill respect and admiration for females.

All in all, itís been a pretty incredible spring for the actor. His newest film The Avengers is breaking box office records at a frenzied pace, and his next release, Snow White & The Huntsman is tracking well and could open to big numbers as well. Still, in retrospect, 2012 will always be known for Hemsworth and Pataky as the year they welcomed their first child, and thatís undoubtedly a good thing.

Pop Blend wishes the happy couple nothing but the best as they learn to change diapers and cultivate patience.
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