Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli Sheds 25 Pounds

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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It seems all of Lisa Lampanelliís storming off and shouting may have had an unintended positive side effect during her stint on Celebrity Apprentice. From the time the show began filming until now, the Queen of Mean lost twenty-five pounds. Rather than using traditional methods like the elliptical or jogging, Lampanelli paired all the high stress moving around on set with smaller meals and an added emphasis on drinking water instead of other liquids.

According to US Magazine, the comedienneís new friendship with Bethenny Frankel also helped in shedding the pounds. Much of Frankelís life is devoted to healthy eating, and their conversations have started to change Lampanelliís thoughts on what she should put into her body.
"Bethenny is right about a lot of her stuff, I have to admit. I love her. I never thought I would like a girl that thin, but now I'm starting to like her. She's just like me in a skinny body. She says what she thinks and doesn't edit. That's what I'm about."

Donít look for Lampanelli to start devoting her life to exercise however. At the recent panel for Celebrity Apprentice, she reportedly told the crowd workouts are ďthe devilĒ and she still objects to doing anything that could be considered physical.

Rome wasnít built in a day, but regardless of whether Lampanelli decides to lose more weight or not, she should be proud of the twenty-five pounds that are already gone. Eating right and staying in shape is difficult for some people, and any positive changes in body shape should be greeted with enthusiasm.
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