From comets to meteor showers, and even eclipses, the nighttime sky has a lot to offer to avid watchers as well as families wanting to experience events like these with their kids for the first time. Now, a couple of Russian astronomers have identified a body in the sky that might prove to be the brightest comet since 1965—one so bright, it may even be visible during the day.

The discovery was made at the International Scientific Optical Network, and was subsequently named Comet ISON to give credit to the group who discovered it. When first recognized, the amateur astronomers were unable to confirm that the object in the sky was, in fact, a comet. However, Discovery is reporting that by September 24, astronomers were able to ascertain the object is a comet, and will be visible on Earth in late 2013 and the first few weeks of 2014.

Which means we still have a while to wait to catch the bold and bright comet in all of its splendor. Without needing a telescope or even binoculars, people on Earth should be able to catch Comet ISON beginning in November of 2013 and the object will continue to be extremely bright on November 28 when it reaches a point that doesn’t seem close but is extremely close--700,000 miles—to the sun. Comets are always cool, but seeing one during the daytime will be the first in my lifetime and in many people’s experience. Come next November, be on the lookout—both during the day and at night.



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