Just days after Nelly’s tour bus was pulled over with heroin inside, Three Six Mafia’s DJ Paul did his best to one-up his fellow rapper. The Academy Award winner was in New York City last night when an officer allegedly saw him carry a Corona out of a restaurant. Because possessing an open container of alcohol on the street is illegal in most places, authorities approached the thirty-five-year-old, and when they asked him if he had any weapons on him, the boys in blue supposedly got a strange response.

According to TMZ, DJ Paul told police officers he was packing a taser. Unfortunately for him, tasers are also illegal in New York City. The deejay was quickly arrested and booked for two misdemeanor charges related to the taser and open container. This morning, he pled not guilty to the charges, though it’s entirely possible he will strike some kind of probation only plea deal by the time he’s due back in court next.

It makes sense that a celebrity would own a taser for non-lethal protection, but if one is going to invest in such weapons, he or she needs to know the local laws. Some weapons bring charges far more serious than this in certain places, and it’s better not to be surprised with real jail time.

We’ll keep you updated as this case winds its way through the court system.


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