Daft Punk's New Album Is Set For May

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís been eight long years since Daft Punk produced a brand new studio album and for those long years fans have eagerly anticipated new music while looking into every good and bad remix of the groupís music available (don't judge--a girl needs new music while exercising). Rumors have abounded that a new album was on its way for a little while, now, but today news broke that a new Daft Punk album will, in fact, be released in May.

The French duo made up of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo recently signed a new contract with Columbia Records, which is owned by Sony. According to The Guardian, while thereís not any big news regarding the May release, we do know the band has spent the past couple of years working with some big names in the music world, including Animal Collectiveís Panda Bear, disco music-maker Giorgio Moroder, and ďRainbow ConnectionĒ writer Paul Williams, although itís unclear if these collaborations will make it on to the studio album (we can hope!).

It may have been eight years since the two men put out a studio release, but that doesnít mean they have just been sitting around lazily. In the time since Human After All hit the market, the two men put out the Grammy-winning live album, Alive 2007, as well as contributed remixes to the game DJ Hero. More recently, Daft Punk created the soundtrack to the Disney franchise film Tron: Legacy. With a little luck and a few popular singles, 2013 will be an even bigger year for the two dance music creators.
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