It’s a pretty big week for music. Daft Punk has been the king of the charts since Random Access Memories dropped a week ago. However, the French electronic duo is not the only impressive release on the album charts in June. This week, Alice in Chains also released a brand new album, which happens to be the biggest chart success the band has put out since 1995.

On Wednesday, Billboard released this week’s charts, including the album chart, which has Daft Punk at first place for the second week in a row. However, it wasn’t a victory easily earned. The band’s newest endeavor dropped 73% in the charts, selling only 93,000 copies in its second week out of the gate and becoming the 7th #1 chart topper to drop by more than 70% the second week in the charts. Regardless, so far Random Access Memories has sold 432,000 in the U.S. alone. The group's first single off the album, "Get Lucky," has also been a hit.

As noted prior, Alice in Chains also has a reason to celebrate. The band has earned its fifth Top 10 album with The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which has sold $61,000 albums in its first week and hit the #2 slot on the album chart. Otherwise, the week is a little soft for new music. John Fogerty is in third place with Wrote a Song for Everyone followed by British girl group Little Mix in fourth place with DNA. The latter has plenty of girl group flair and actually managed to win the British version of The X Factor, but they couldn’t manage to hit the lucrative #1 slot in the charts for their debut. Danity Kane still has the highest charter for a girl group since 2006, which could prove useful since those gals are getting the band back together.

Can Daft Punk hold on for a third week in the top slot? We’ll keep you posted.



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