Lindsay Lohan has had more than her share of troubles over the past half decade. Her movie career has fallen by the wayside, and she’s spent time in jail. Viewed from any angle, it’s been a tough patch in her life, but for the past six months or so, there have been clear signs of forward progress. The actress has pounded through her community service, and she recently scored a role playing Elizabeth Taylor. Those positive life changes, coupled with last night’s gig hosting Saturday Night Live were supposed to remind the public why we loved Lindsay Lohan in the first place.

The reviews from last night’s episode are in, and they’re largely meh. The evening featured a few good sketches including Real Housewives Of Disney, but unfortunately, Lohan seemed very overmatched during a few segments, most notably opposite Kenan’s powerhouse performance in the latest Scared Straight installment. Remarkably average might not have been what the star dreamed of when she reached out to SNL for a job, but it was far from a disaster. Besides, the whole point of her hosting wasn’t to offer Richard Pryor quality. It was to prove she could be relied upon.

I think that mission was accomplished. I think last night will only help Lindsay re-integrate herself into Hollywood. She poked fun at some of her past foibles and seemed very present. That being said, a lot of fans clearly had a very different impression of what went down last night. What do you think? Did SNL help Lindsay Lohan rehabilitate her image? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the poll below…

Did Her Performance Help Rehabilitate Her Image?

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