Earlier this evening, a disappointed Mitt Romney took the stage at his campaign headquarters. He’d just called President Obama to congratulate him on his victory and no one was quite sure what the Republican presidential nominee might say. He could have urged his supporters to dig in their heels and fight. He could have questioned voter returns or tried to drag the evening out, but instead, he thanked his followers and his campaign workers for their support and told the world to put politics aside and support the President so we can all move forward together.

If Twitter reaction is any indication, a high percentage of people, both Republicans and Democrats, thought Romney’s speech was gracious and classy, but whether their overall perception of the former Governor has changed is unclear. If there was one problem he had during the campaign, it was not seeming like a relatable and compassionate guy. Whether because of his incredible wealth, a perceived stiffness, some of his views on personal accountability or some combination thereof, many of his detractors and even some of his supporters never found real reasons to like him.

So, the question is, after watching Romney get on the stage and speak with the election already decided, did you gain a little more respect for him? Do you like him a little more than you did before, or does your initial impression remain unchanged? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Like Romney More After His Speech?

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