If the Los Angeles Police Department hasn’t reached the end of its fuse with the swatting pranks, the flame is sure as hell getting close. Two police helicopters and dozens of officers descended on Diddy’s house this morning in response to a call that someone was shot inside, and once again, it turns out their presence was entirely unnecessary.

According to TMZ, cops first secured the surrounding properties including the one belonging to Diddy’s neighbor Steve Carell. Once those were taken care of, they entered Diddy’s house to find nothing whatsoever out of the ordinary.

A few months ago, police were able to make some headway in the swatting investigations, pinning a few on a twelve-year-old boy, but obviously, there’s still someone else out there having a grand old time wasting tax dollars and resources. On paper, it might sound like a pretty amusing game, but in actuality, it’s a complete nightmare that could eventually lead the LAPD to lessen its initial response to emergencies.

We have no way of knowing exactly what the scene police offices walked into looked like at Diddy’s house, but in order to get a visual, you can go ahead and picture this…



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