Frank Ocean Is Already Making Progress On A New Album

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Most musicians or bands who have an extremely successful major label debut tend to take some time away from the recording studio in order to tour, celebrate their newfound fame and make plans for the future. Frank Ocean, however, just isnít cut from that same fabric. The singer, who recently picked up two Grammys, announced earlier this week that heís already ten or eleven songs into a follow-up for Channel Orange and is planning to record the tracks alongside Danger Mouse after he gets back from a brief working vacation.

Ocean made the comments during an interview with BBC Radio, and while his direction is a departure from how most artists handle new fame, theyíre not particularly a huge shock given the musicianís strengths and weaknesses. The majority of bands and singers are most comfortable on stage playing material theyíve already recorded, but Ocean really doesnít have a ton of stage experience. Heís far better when heís able to finetune all the little nuances to maximize the emotion heís trying to convey. Thus, thereís no reason to think he wonít be able to capture that same magic on the still untitled follow-up.

As for specifics about the LP, he reportedly wants to use the beach feel he conveyed at the end of Channel Orange as a jumping off point to create an album thatís not quite a concept but still evokes feelings along those lines. Considering heís about to leave for Bora Bora, he should be able to accomplish that goal too.
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