Regardless of how they may have felt about the George Zimmerman verdict, most people thought the neighborhood watch coordinator would slowly disappear from the headlines after he was found not guilty, but in actuality, that hasn’t happened at all. From multiple speeding infractions to saving a family trapped inside a car to getting hit with divorce papers from his wife Shellie, he’s had an extremely eventful period since his acquittal, and thanks to a blow-up fight with his soon-to-be ex-wife last night, he will continue to be a hot topic of conversation for at least a little while longer.

Details on what exactly happened are still really fuzzy, but apparently, George showed up at his father-in-law’s house and some kind of confrontation ensued. According to TMZ, Shellie called 911 and claimed George punched her father in the face, destroyed a bunch of stuff and threatened everyone with a firearm. By the time police arrived, however, she changed her tune quite a bit. She admitted she never saw any firearms and wasn’t sure exactly what happened. After speaking to her lawyer, she told the police she didn’t want to press any charges and George was allowed to leave.

Everything about this situation is sketchy. Clearly, an altercation did happen, but if George was waving a gun around and acting like an idiot, her attorney would have obviously pushed to have him arrested. The fact that he advised her to drop the matter likely means either large portions of her initial claims were completely off-base or she did something very serious that she could be charged for, as well.

I think I speak for most people when I say I’m incredibly sick of hearing about this entire family. I don’t want to see her on Today bitching about George again, nor do I want to hear about anymore boycotts over what happened, nor see any more movies forced to change their names. Everyone involved needs to just disappear because there’s not a single thing left we can collectively learn from the Trayvon incident.



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