It's Election Day! You may already know that. But, if you lost track of the date, or were too distracted by the release of Halo 4 to notice today's voting day, Google made sure to acknowledge the occasion with a special little doodle and a helpful link so you know where you're supposed to vote.

Google's Election Day doodle for 2012 has red and blue voting ballots arranged to spell out their logo, with the little "g" and "l" sliding into a ballot box! Check it out below:

Clicking the logo takes you to search results for "Where do I vote," and Google includes a form that'll help you look up your polling place. What's even better is that the search results also offers the list of candidates with a ballot summary so those of you who need to do a bit of pre-voting research have everything laid out in front of you, including some (of not all) of the local races.

And it doesn't end there! In addition to voter info, Google also has a YouTube Live tab (near the top of their Politics & Elections page), which offers a number of videos and a schedule of the coverage that's set to take place throughout the day.



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