Here's One Fascinating Fact About Each US President You Need To Know

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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At some point or another, every American was told at least one random fact about each President. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of those facts were really dry and boring. So, in response, our brains either disposed of those facts or filed them away in some dark and ugly corner thatís never accessed. Thatís what happens when historical figures never get humanized. We only remember the broad brush strokes, but that doesnít mean all of these political leaders donít actually boast really interesting, or at least marginally interesting facts we would remember.

Did you know Chester A Arthur owned over eighty pairs of pants? Did you know George Washington was worth about $500 million in todayís dollars? How about that Benny Harrisonís father had his body stolen by grave robbers?

The above video was put together by Mental Floss and it offers one hot fact for every single Presidential term. Just like their terms presiding over the country, the facts vary in quality and double take-ness, but even Calvin Coolidgeís born on the 4th of July point of interest is worth hearing, especially when delivered by John Green with his goofy intellectual sneer.

If you feel like learning some more hot facts about these same Presidents, you can check out another edition of the show with the exact same conceptÖ

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