Harry Potter might still be a lucrative cash cow, but after seven books, eight movies and a theme park, J.K. Rowling is finally ready to move on to new material. The author is set to release her first novel for adults later this year, and while we don’t have any excerpts yet, we have been given a plot summary and a cover.

The Casual Vacancy will follow the small town of Pagford as its residents wage a war against their brothers, sisters, mothers and friends. Following the death of parish council member Barry Fairbrother, the residents fall into chaos as they try to find a successor, and the vacancy proves to be the vehicle needed to bring all the seedy, unhanded problems to the surface.

The text will drop on September 27. You can take a peak at the cover thanks to The Hatchette Book Group below…

Rowling has come a long way as a writer since the first Harry Potter book was published. Her storytelling genius was instantly recognizable from the first page of The Sorcerer’s Stone, but her word choice and pacing left a bit to be desired. Luckily, she steadily improved through each one of her books to the point where most people are really excited to see what she does with new material. I can’t wait to read The Casual Vacancy, and something tells me plenty of people will be waiting in line next to me.



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