The Jackson Family Will Reportedly Fight To Keep Paris From Living With Mom

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Katherine Jackson may not have stood in the way of her granddaughter Paris establishing a relationship with her birth mother Debbie Rowe, but apparently, if the courts look into changing the current custody arrangement, the matriarch of the famous clan will fight tooth and nail to remain as the fifteen-year-oldís guardian. At least thatís the latest rumor coming out of the Jackson camp, and if true, it paints a very different picture from the optimistic, letís-all-work-together mentality many were hoping the clan would emerge with following Parisí hospitalization.

Rowe reportedly isnít looking to take custody. She hasnít said anything publically along those lines, and sources close to the situation are saying the only way she would agree to it is if Paris asks her. Once upon a time, that would have been considered a longshot, but considering how unhappy she clearly is with her home situation, a change now isnít out of the question. If thatís actually what Paris wants, there was some hope the Jackson family would simply step aside in the name of putting the girl in the best possible situation, but according to TMZ, thatís definitely not going to happen.

Everyone involved definitely wants Paris to be happy, healthy and taken care of, but obviously, there are many different perspectives as to the best way to accomplish that goal. Those altering viewpoints are actually very healthy and very human, but the more aggressive people get with vocalizing what they think is best for Paris, the more stressful the situation is going to be for her to deal with.
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