January Jones Has No Interest In Telling You Who Her Son's Dad Is

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Since January Jones got pregnant more than two years ago, many of her fans and, by extension, the tabloids, have wondered who the childís father is. Because of her less than forthcoming attitude when it comes to her personal life, that information has never gone public, and apparently, The New York Times is just as incapable of coaxing it out of her as everyone else.

The outlet tried during a recent sitdown interview, but they didnít even come close to cracking that nut. Hereís a look at her rather terse responseÖ
ďThatís my sonís business. Itís not the publicís business.Ē

The list of potential fathers is vast. From her former boyfriend Jason Sudeikis to her married X-Men director Matthew Vaughn to actor Michael Fassbender, rumors have heated up and cooled down concerning a slew of men, but the truth is we havenít the slightest idea who it might be. In fact, itís entirely possible her son doesnít even know yet since, assumedly, if he saw the dad on a regular basis photographers probably would have caught him popping in at least once.

At some point, we will likely know the identity of young Xanderís father, but donít expect it to come for a long time. January clearly hasnít the slightest interest in sharing, and her sonís not yet allowed to talk to strangers. As she suggests in the interview, perhaps itís a secret that sheíll wind up leaving for a memoir down the road.
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