Jay-Z might fancy himself as a man of the people, but he’s also a money-making machine. The popular rapper has his hand in numerous cookie jars including bars, an NBA franchise and now, sports representation.

According to ESPN, Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation just signed Robinson Cano to a representation contract that will see the rapper’s organization handle the Yankee’s affairs both on and off the field. Eventually, the mogul would like to get licensed as an agent himself to negotiate contracts in baseball and if all goes well, eventually basketball and football too. For the time being, his clients will officially be taken care of through a partnership with popular existing firm CAA and more specifically, veteran agent Brodie Van Wagenen.

If Jay-Z pushes this quest far enough to represent basketball players, he will have to give up his minority ownership of the Brooklyn Nets. No doubt that would be a disappointment for the musician who has taken so much pride in bringing sports back to Brooklyn, but with his intelligence and his star power, he could probably sign a ton of high profile clients.

With a family and plenty of recording industry obligations, Jay-Z will likely do best if he operates more as a manager and figurehead of Roc Nation than someone who actually sits at the negotiating table. That being said, to be an effective boss, he should get his hands dirty and learn the business. Here's to hoping he picks it up sooner rather than later.



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