Jerry Sandusky’s egregious crimes already cost him his freedom. Now, they’ve cost him almost $59,000 a year too. The former Penn State defensive coordinator found guilty of molesting ten boys during a fifteen year period was informed he would be losing his pension by the State Employees Retirement System earlier this week.

Since he’ll be spending at least the next thirty years in prison, the forfeiture of funds won’t affect Jerry himself as much as it’ll affect his longtime wife Dottie. According to Reuters, a portion of the $4,908 monthly sum would have continued going to his wife even after his own passing, but with that figure now off the table, she’ll need to find alternate ways to support herself.

Employees in the state of Pennyslvania can forfeit their pensions if they’re convicted of certain crimes. Oddly, according to Governing, sexual abuse is not one listed under the law. A board that oversees such matters, however, reviews each case and decides what to do. In this instance, the board still decided to strip Jerry of his money because of the horrendous nature of his behavior.

When all is said and done, what happened at Penn State will wind up costing those involved a hell of a lot more money than this. The school has already been forced to set aside more than fifty million dollars to aid the fight against sexual abuse, and over the next few years, they’ll likely pay out even more after lawsuits with the actual victims. This is just a drop in the bucket, but it's still a warranted drop in the bucket.



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