There are toddlers who love having a new sibling and other toddlers who really have to adjust to sharing time with mommy and daddy. Machete Kills actress Jessica Alba knows she is lucky to have a 4-year-old daughter, Honor, who loves being a big sister to 17-month-old Haven.

Alba recently headed to the Sundance Film Festival to promote A.C.O.D and while there she happened to get to talking about her lovely little girls with US Weekly. While Haven has totally adjusted to having a sibling in the house, she does love doing things that the baby absolutely cannot do.
"She loves it, she's super into the fact that she can do, like, so much more than what the baby can do… And she can play with Polly [Pocket] because she doesn't put them in her mouth, because the baby puts the Pollies in her mouth. You know, important stuff."

I once had a cousin who ate my sister’s Polly Pockets when we were at least school-aged, so Alba is definitely going to have to keep her eyes on the Polly Pocket-eating little one for some time to come. Still, it’s nice to hear the girls are getting along well and are still darned cute. If you’ve been keeping up, Alba and hubby Cash Warren keep the girls dressed to the nines (Honor even has a wig collection), and they seem like two very healthy and very happy children, even if Honor likes to prove she has more mad skills than her sibling.



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